U.K.Champion, Can & Am. Gold Grand Champion Lafford Fly Me Too Farleysbane, J.W.

#1 Papillon in the United Kingdom 2010
#2 Papillon in the U.S.(July 2011)
Mulitiple Best in Show and Best in Specialty winner
Best of Breed Westminster (Feb. 2012)
Crufts (England) Best of Breed, Group 4 2012
Crufts Best of Breed 2013
Crufts Best of Breed 2014
PRA1 & NAD DNA tested Clear, CHIC 78449
Sire of Distinction

Dave with Sharon Newcomb - Candid of Group 4 at Crufts 2012

Best of Breed Westminister Kennel Club 2012

1st Award of Merit Papillon Club of America National Specialty 2011
1st Award of Excellence Eukanuba 2011


American Champion Clearlake Beat the Drum Slowly, "Tom Tom"
Owned by Elizabeth & Karen Anderson, Scotland, United Kingdom
PRA1, NAD, VWD tested Clear

Puppy Tom Tom

American Champion Clearlake No Harm No Foul
CHIC 151145, PRA1 & NAD clear

2014 Papillon Club Of America National Specialty
Best of Winners, Best Bred by Exhibitor
American Grand Champion Clearlake on the Road Again, "Willie"
Winner of Houston Toy Show 2014
Owned with Vicki Lembcke
PRA1 clear by parentage

American Champion Domino Clearlake Commotion
PRA1 & NAD Clear by parentage.
CHIC 127227
Co-owned with Laura Temperato

Winners Dog from the Puppy Class & Best Puppy
2016 Papillon Club of America National Specialty

CH Clearlake Bobs Your Uncle
2015 Papillon Club of America Award of Merit
PRA1 Clear by parentage
Owned by Jack & Jane Sirkoch & Sharon Newcomb

Bob showing in the UK winning the Junior Dog Class

Bob in the puppy class

Champion Clearlake Rockhill, "Rocky", finished from the puppy class
Puppy of Achievement Award
PRA1 & NAD Clear by parentage
As a puppy below


American Champion Clearlake Der Bingle, "Bing"
DNA PRA1 tested Clear
CHIC 58211

American Grand Champion Dominos on the Money
DNA tested Clear for PRA1 and NAD
CHIC 66277
Sire of Merit
Owned by Domino and Clearlake Papillons

American Champion Dominos Once in a Blue Moon, "Mickey"
Sire of Merit
Multiple Best in Show Specialty Winner
2006 Papillon Club of America National Specialty winner
2009 Best of Breed Winner Westminster Kennel Club
DNA tested PRA1 and NAD Clear
CHIC 66278

American Champion MGL Icewine of VW
DNA tested "Clear" for PRA1
CHIC 58213

American Champion Clearlake Hot Rod, "Rodney"
DNA tested Clear PRA1 & NAD
CHIC 78446
Rodney as an adolescent & puppy below

American Champion Clearlake John Smith, Sire of Merit
DNA tested "Clear" for PRA1 and NAD
CHIC 66279

American Champion Clearlake Ferris Wheel, "Ferris" , owned by Ana Slabic and Karmen Klanac
DNA tested "Clear" for PRA1
CHIC 102079

American Champion Clearlake Widowmaker, (retired)

American Champion Clearlake Bookmaker, "Guido"
CHIC 58945

American Canadian Champion Coppermist Ice Dancer, "Danny", Sire of Distinction
1999 PCA Sweepstakes Winner
DNA tested "Clear" for PRA1
CHIC 78441

American Champion Clearlake Just Dance, "Justin"

American Champion Clearlake No Way Jose
Best in Show TAPS Specialty, (retired)

Clearlake Wheels Up Flyboy , "Flyer" RN AX AXJ NF, Owned and trained by Lindie Madden, (retired)

Champion Burghbridge Go for Gold at Bonifee, "Topper", English import

American Canadian Champion Kvar Josandre Tripoli, "Tripper", Sire of Distinction

American Canadian Champion Hodges Frosted Denim, "Levi", Sire of Merit, No. 5 in 1994
1st Award of Merit 93 PCA National Specialty

American Canadian Champion Graycaz Due South, "Frasier", English Import, Sire of Merit
Shown at 17
DNA tested "Clear" for PRA1
CHIC 78442

American Champion Clearlake Dont Mess with Texas, "Brad", Sire of Merit (retired)

American Champion Clearlake Moonshine NFP, owned by Lindie Madden
Best in Show Bred by Exhibitor

American Champion Clearlake Devil in Disguise, "Monster"
DNA tested "Clear" for PRA1
CHIC 78444

American Champion Clearlake Wheelright, "Mr. Wright" (retired)

American Champion Clearlake Forget Me Not (retired)

American Champion Clearlake Brave Heart, "Will" (retired)

American Champion Clearlake Romeo (retired)

American Champion Clearlake Amica Zinger (retired)

American Champion Clearlake Day Tripper (retired)

American Champion Clearlake Rainmaker, "Rainy" (retired)

American/Canadian Champion Hodges Clearlake Texas Cruiser, multiple group winner, therapy dog, owned and shown by Jolene Clemmons (retired)

American Champion Clearlake Ego Trip, "Smarty" (retired)

American Champion Clearlake Ham Dance, shown here at 8 (retired)

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